England Furniture Reviews How to Pick Your Furniture Fabric

Finding the right color palette for your living room can be a challenge. You may find yourself being indecisive about color because you’re afraid you might get tired of it, or that it won’t look the way you envision it. Sometimes, a color you like in a showroom looks completely different in the lighting at your home. Here, England Furniture reviews some ways to help you choose a color palette for your living room:

Keep Paint Chip Samples with You

You never know when color inspiration is going to strike, so once you’ve narrowed down which paint colors you like best, keep the paint chips in your purse, wallet or car. If you’re going furniture shopping, you’ll want those samples on hand, and even if you’re perusing a store and see pillows you love, you can get a sense of what they’ll look like with new paint on the walls.

Bring Fabric Swatches Home

After you’ve decided which England Furniture fabric colors you like best, bring swatches home. Evaluate whether the colors look as they did in the showroom once you see them in the lighting in your home. Take into account how colors may look different with dimmer lighting at night.

Keep It Simple

Adding design elements around the room may compete with the colors you’ve chosen in your home. Taking elements of color and bringing them into the rug, bookcase or shelving can help limit clashing colors to bring the whole room together. Simple is better.

Choose Colors You Love, Not Trends

Trends come and go, but colors that make you smile never change. If yellow keeps you mellow, find your perfect shade and pair it with a great gray sofa. If you crave dark colors, see how deep purples can look contrasted with cream colored furniture. The England Furniture Company has endless design and fabric combinations so you can bet on getting your perfect piece.

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  1. chuck says:

    My wife and I purchased an ENGLAND sectional about 4 years ago. It is beautiful. we noticed the cushions were getting soft and the fabric would wrinkle. we would move the cushions around and rotate them monthly to even the wear out. we called our retailer and verified the 10 year cushions warranty. appx 3-5 weeks later our retailer called stating we had an order to pick up at the warehouse. It was our new cushions from ENGLAND. we were surprised. we changed then out now its like have a new sectional all over again. Thanks for standing behind your warranty. we are ENGLAND buyers for life. Our daughter just bought a sectional from ENGLAND cause of this. Thanks again and God bless you!!!!

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