Leather Wingback Chair

The leather wingback chair is styled to reflect the feel of a British nobleman’s countryside cottage. The Colleen Chair by England Furniture has styling that would fit in to a classy and cozy room. It would pair well with a stately chesterfield sofa and leather-bound books lining the walls.

With rolled arms, s-curved legs, and a graceful silhouette, this leather wingback chair could be a gorgeous addition to a house. England Furniture offers a wide variety of luxurious leathers in various shades so you can coordinate with the rest of your home. Get comfortable by adding the matching ottoman which features the same curved legs.

England Furniture is made in America, in the foothills of Tennessee since the company was established in the 1960’s. From the sturdy interior to the quality upholstery, England Furniture aims to satisfy the needs of every customer.

Width 35″
Depth 38″
Height 43″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 22″

Twin Sleeper Sofa | Four Reasons You Need a Twin Sleeper Sofa

Twin Sleeper Sofa

Need a place for your guests to sleep but you don’t have a whole lot of space? For apartment renters who welcome friends and family overnight often, a twin sleeper sofa can be just the thing they need. Here are a few reasons you should get a twin sleeper sofa:

The Right Size

A twin sleeper sofa takes up a smaller amount of space than a full or queen sleeper sofa, so it’s also great for that small nook in your house or apartment. For a guest staying the night, you want to offer them a warm, safe place to rest their head. Without the space for a larger sleeper sofa, an air mattress also won’t cut it. A twin sleeper sofa is often the perfect size for someone living in a studio apartment.

Comfortable As A Chair And A Half

Because of how wide a twin sleeper sofa is, this piece of furniture feels more like a chair and a half. Cuddle up with a soft blanket and a great book, and you’ll have this sofa all to yourself. Or, if you want room to cozy up to your pet, this chair is the perfect size for that as well.

Kid’s Sleepovers

This size sleeper sofa is especially helpful for your child’s sleepovers. Once it’s lights out, both kids can sleep tight on comfortable mattresses. This slimmer sleeper sofa can fit right in your child’s room and double as the sofa where you two can read goodnight stories before bedtime.

Makeshift Chaise Lounge

If you want the comfort of a chaise lounge, but don’t have the budget or space for one, a twin sleeper sofa can fold out to provide you with the comfiest spot in the house to binge your favorite shows on. If you like to do work on your computer, you can sit cross-legged or stretch out your legs on the folded-out mattress as well.

The Seabury Twin Sleeper (pictured) by England Furniture provides all the comfort and convenience you could ever want in a twin sleeper sofa. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can have the twin sleeper sofa of your dreams.

Width 54″
Depth 37″
Height 35″
Seat Width 38″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

Modern Leather Recliner

Modern Leather Recliner

Leather recliners can be the perfect finishing touch to your space. They’re classic, comfortable, and can really enhance the feel of a space. A modern leather recliner that enhances a mod or contemporary home can be the piece of furniture that you’ve been searching for. The Murray Arm Chair in this black leather color is just that.

This leather recliner has high tapered wooden legs with a comfortable box seat and back cushions. By upgrading to power-reclining, you can slowly ease into relaxation thanks to this modern enhancement. There are over forty leathers to choose from, so you can get the look that you envision. The best part is that you can have this leather recliner in your home in thirty days or less.

It’s important to keep quality in mind when searching for a new modern leather recliner. There are many cut-rate manufacturers who offer deep discounts, but these recliners can have inexpensive looking leather, poor craftsmanship, and the cushioning can become flat in under a year. Unlike many other furniture makers, England Furniture takes pride in each piece they craft. The England Furniture company is headquartered in New Tazewell, Tennessee, where hundreds have been employed over the years to create quality, made-in-America furniture.

Check out this piece or another modern leather recliner by England Furniture.

Width 32″
Depth 36″
Height 38″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″

American Leather Furniture: The River West Chair

American leather furniture is classic and timeless. England Furniture is created by craftsmen in the heart of America in the foothills of Tennessee. Each piece is constructed from years of experience, as the England Furniture brand has been around since 1964.

Featured here is the River West chair in leather. It is casual with a track arm and loose back & seat cushions. The block legs are a sturdy detail that finishes off the look. The seams that run along this chair are refined in a style that is enduring–this piece deserves a spotlight because of its understated simplicity.

The entire River West group is composed of pieces that fit in a modern, refined home. Available in this group is a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, sectional, and queen sleeper. AYou can find more pieces to love on England Furniture’s website.

Width 37″
Depth 38″
Height 36″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 20″

England Furniture Reviews Chair Types

England Furniture Valerie Swivel Chair

Simple and chic. Sometimes that’s all you need to pull a room together. Here, England Furniture reviews the perks of finding your perfect accent chair that completes the look you have in mind.

Swivel Chairs
These chairs are functional and fashionable, especially those created by England Furniture. Pictured is the Valerie Swivel chair, which has slightly flared arms and a reversible T-cushion seat. Swivel chairs move with you if you want a little something extra from a stationary chair.

There are endless designs to choose from when you decide on adding a recliner to your space. Recliners are great when you don’t have an interest in getting an ottoman, but you still want to put your feet up after a long day. These chairs come in so many shapes, and can even come with a high-leg, which are really recliners in disguise.

High Leg
Chairs with high legs don’t sit directly on the ground with hidden legs. They come in three main designs: Tapered, Turned, or Curved. Tapered legs are more mod, as the legs have a sleek, straight edge. Turned legs tend to look more traditional, with rounded edges. Curved legs have a classic feel straight out of earlier times, that can best be described as looking somewhat like the shape of a clawfoot tub’s legs.

Rockers are more than just your grandparent’s chair. England Furniture has a variety of rockers, such as the Natalie Chair, which is wrapped in comfort. Rockers are great for a baby’s room to calmly lull them to sleep.


England Furniture Reviews the Boone Collection

When you want rustic, statement furniture that looks great and will stand the test of time, look no further than the Boone collection. Here, England Furniture reviews this collection. This set features a sofa and loveseat, pictured in a chocolatey brown leather, but it can also come with a chair and ottoman. There’s no substitute for authenticity, and these bold pieces of furniture are no exception. The sofa and loveseat feature broad rolled arms, comfortable back cushions, and high tapered wooden legs.

These pieces look great when paired with the Literal Cocktail Ottoman, featured here, as well as the Langley chair with or without nails. The cowhide on the back of the Lorenzo Chair picks up on the deep browns in the surrounding furniture and the white walls.

This furniture is made with quality craftsmanship in the foothills of Tennessee where the factory has been employing locals for decades. American made furniture means you can trust you’re getting a quality piece that will last for years. Not only is the leather strong enough to stand the test of time, but the structure and the cushions are also built to last.

Boone Sofa Dimensions:
Width 87″
Depth 41″
Height 37″
Seat Width 67″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 21″


England Furniture Reviews the Tara Collection

England Furniture Tara Collection

There are so many furniture options out there, so it’s important to ensure you are investing in quality when making your purchase. Contemporary furniture, like the sleek pieces in the new Tara Collection is often mimicked by manufacturers who use cheap materials and mass produce identical products. England Furniture takes pride in their made-in-America furniture, using high quality wood, springs and fabrics. Here, England Furniture reviews what’s inside their high-quality sofas, chairs, loveseats and ottomans.

The frame is made from frame-grade plywood, which has few voids between its layered panels. It’s a stronger material that’ll last decades longer than bargain options. Under the cushions hide narrow sinuous springs, instead of the wide loop springs other manufacturers use. These springs offer more support and a longer lasting seat.

The arms are coated in a thin layer of sheeted fiber, in addition to two inches of foam. Other furniture companies use only fiber to cover their arms. The foam core of our cushions is much larger than many other brands, and is wrapped in a fiber wrap. Often, other manufacturers cut corners and wrap in a higher pile of fiber to give the appearance of a comfortable cushion. Theirs last only a year, while ours are warrantied for ten years.

All these elements come together in the Tara collection, which includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. These pieces can come in styles with a nailhead trim for added detail. The high legs are a hallmark of contemporary design.

Tara Sofa Dimensions:
Width 85″
Depth 40″
Height 36″
Seat Width 74″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″


Life Hacks: The Recliner that Charges Your Phone

EZ Motion Recliner EZ1C52N with charging port

When you come home from a long day, there’s no better feeling than melting into a comfortable recliner to catch up on the news or with friends on social media. However, as the day is coming to an end, your smartphone is probably running low on battery. The last thing you’re going to want to do is run around the house looking for your charger, only to realize you have to move a sofa or crawl under an end table to plug your charger in.

That’s when the England Furniture Company decided to solve this problem. The result is a recliner that includes a USB port to charge your phone. The EZ Motion Recliner EZ1C52N has everything. It can be powered with or without a battery pack, and looks great with a nailhead trim.

This recliner has a semi-attached back that offers the optimal amount of cushioning. You no longer need to worry about locating an outlet in inconvenient spots, when one is available right within reach. This furniture is built to last, and is made right in the United States in Tennessee.

Width 36″
Depth 41″
Height 43″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″

Achieving a Farmhouse Vibe


Farmhouse decor is incredibly popular today, but achieving the right vibe can be tricky. You have to be careful not to pick up something too dingy-looking at a flea market, as it can age your space. It can also be tough to find new items in stores that don’t look inauthentic. To achieve your vision for a perfect farmhouse vibe, here are some tips:

Rustic Knickknacks
When keeping your eye out for elements to add to your space, have an idea of a place you’d like to emulate. Is it the wild west? A dairy farm? Keep the knickknacks you accumulate on theme, looking like you’d actually find them all in the same place, rather than collected from different locations over time.

Distressed Wood
If you don’t have any exposed wood throughout your house, add a distressed wood side table, armoire, desk or bookshelf. You can find these pieces in stores or you can create your own effect if you prefer DIY. Creating pieces with reclaimed wood can also be a fun project and you’ll have something you can be proud of for years to come.

Natural Elements
Adding natural elements is an easy trick that many interior designers and house stagers always use to tie a space together. It can be as simple as collecting branches from a tree or bush and putting them into a mason jar. Other natural elements could also be animal hide or leathers. It’s a small detail, but it can do a lot to contribute to your overall look.

Sliding Barn House Doors
This feature can be more time consuming and costly to install, but sliding barn house doors have been hugely popular in recent years. They add the final farmhouse flair you desire, and they are an interesting way to freshen up a space. Instead of the traditional doors you’re used to, you can add a single barn house door to your bedroom or double doors to your closet. As long as you have enough wall space, consider getting one of these installed. The England Furniture piece featured in this photo is the Lynette Chair 6204AL.

Width 33″
Depth 35″
Height 36″
Seat Width 22″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″

How to Incorporate Animal Prints in Your Home

Lorenzo Chair England Furniture

Animal print is a trend that seems to always be in style, but it’s important to find a print that’s classy. To incorporate these prints into your home, try adding accent pieces to update your space in a unique way. Animal print can appear to seem trashy if it’s too overpowering, or looks fake. Try to only add one or two pieces so the space doesn’t look tacky.

This England Furniture piece is the Lorenzo Chair with Nails 4544HN. The cowhide is balanced out with leather on the front, so you get a hint of fun. The benefit of this particular animal print is that it’s black and white, two classic colors that can fit into most rooms.

You can try picking up a color that is found in the animal print and incorporating it into another part of the room to help it look like it ‘fits’ better. You can even mix animal prints with floral, make sure to choose hues that are subtle enough to mix.

Width 32″
Depth 34″
Height 42″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 20″
Seat Height 21″