England Furniture Reviews the Del Mar Collection

Comfortable furniture doesn’t have to be unattractive. When you have more than one seating area in your home, your furniture needs for each room may be different. That’s why England Furniture offers a wide variety of styles that can fulfill your vision. Our furniture is custom made to deliver within 30 days right in the United States. For furniture that’s made for a living room where the whole family spends lots time together on the sofa, the Del Mar collection is the perfect choice.

This collection features sofas, chairs, sectionals and more that are extra comfortable and come with optional feather blend cushions and pillows. These pieces are made with foam that won’t flatten after just a year of use, unlike other furniture manufacturers. You’ll even be able to flip these cushions for even more longevity as the cushions are fully reversible.

This England Furniture collection encompasses the Catalina, Newport and Larado groups. The Catalina sofa, loveseat, and chair & ½ have unique wave-like arms and sleek tapered legs. The Newport chair, loveseat and sofa will all draw you in with its luxurious cushioned arms and plush seat and back. Lastly, check out Larado, a sectional that features bold arms and a stunning nail head trim that is also comfortable enough for the whole family to lounge on.

Pictured is the Del Mar Newport Sofa 6Q05.

Width 101″
Depth 41″
Height 39″
Seat Width 74″
Seat Depth 24″
Seat Height 22″

England Furniture Reviews How to Pick Your Furniture Fabric

Finding the right color palette for your living room can be a challenge. You may find yourself being indecisive about color because you’re afraid you might get tired of it, or that it won’t look the way you envision it. Sometimes, a color you like in a showroom looks completely different in the lighting at your home. Here, England Furniture reviews some ways to help you choose a color palette for your living room:

Keep Paint Chip Samples with You

You never know when color inspiration is going to strike, so once you’ve narrowed down which paint colors you like best, keep the paint chips in your purse, wallet or car. If you’re going furniture shopping, you’ll want those samples on hand, and even if you’re perusing a store and see pillows you love, you can get a sense of what they’ll look like with new paint on the walls.

Bring Fabric Swatches Home

After you’ve decided which England Furniture fabric colors you like best, bring swatches home. Evaluate whether the colors look as they did in the showroom once you see them in the lighting in your home. Take into account how colors may look different with dimmer lighting at night.

Keep It Simple

Adding design elements around the room may compete with the colors you’ve chosen in your home. Taking elements of color and bringing them into the rug, bookcase or shelving can help limit clashing colors to bring the whole room together. Simple is better.

Choose Colors You Love, Not Trends

Trends come and go, but colors that make you smile never change. If yellow keeps you mellow, find your perfect shade and pair it with a great gray sofa. If you crave dark colors, see how deep purples can look contrasted with cream colored furniture. The England Furniture Company has endless design and fabric combinations so you can bet on getting your perfect piece.

England Furniture Reviews Chair Types

England Furniture Valerie Swivel Chair

Simple and chic. Sometimes that’s all you need to pull a room together. Here, England Furniture reviews the perks of finding your perfect accent chair that completes the look you have in mind.

Swivel Chairs
These chairs are functional and fashionable, especially those created by England Furniture. Pictured is the Valerie Swivel chair, which has slightly flared arms and a reversible T-cushion seat. Swivel chairs move with you if you want a little something extra from a stationary chair.

There are endless designs to choose from when you decide on adding a recliner to your space. Recliners are great when you don’t have an interest in getting an ottoman, but you still want to put your feet up after a long day. These chairs come in so many shapes, and can even come with a high-leg, which are really recliners in disguise.

High Leg
Chairs with high legs don’t sit directly on the ground with hidden legs. They come in three main designs: Tapered, Turned, or Curved. Tapered legs are more mod, as the legs have a sleek, straight edge. Turned legs tend to look more traditional, with rounded edges. Curved legs have a classic feel straight out of earlier times, that can best be described as looking somewhat like the shape of a clawfoot tub’s legs.

Rockers are more than just your grandparent’s chair. England Furniture has a variety of rockers, such as the Natalie Chair, which is wrapped in comfort. Rockers are great for a baby’s room to calmly lull them to sleep.


England Furniture Reviews the Del Mar Larado Sectional

England Furniture Del Mar Larado Sectional

Sectionals are the epitome of comfort in a multi-person family home. Some of the best memories are made lounging around the living room, playing games and hanging out together in one spot. With a sectional that looks as great as the Del Mar Larado, you’ll never want to leave. Here, England Furniture reviews the Del Mar Larado sectional.

Every detail counts on this beautiful piece of furniture. The stunning nails running along the back give it a bit of edge without being too overbearing. The wide, tapered legs look great paired with the grand rolled arms. While no sectional is complete without a chaise, each sectional is made to your specifications.

Another reason the Del Mar Larado sectional is great for a big family, aside from how inviting it is, is that England Furniture quality will stand the test of time. Cushions are made of thick, high quality foam, while other manufacturers use thinner foam and wrap them in layers of fiber, which flatten within the first year of use. You can also upgrade your piece to include feather cushions and pillows. It’s important to invest in a piece that you’ll love, and that you won’t have to replace soon after your purchase.

Width 106″
Depth 103″
Height 39″

England Furniture Reviews the Boone Collection

When you want rustic, statement furniture that looks great and will stand the test of time, look no further than the Boone collection. Here, England Furniture reviews this collection. This set features a sofa and loveseat, pictured in a chocolatey brown leather, but it can also come with a chair and ottoman. There’s no substitute for authenticity, and these bold pieces of furniture are no exception. The sofa and loveseat feature broad rolled arms, comfortable back cushions, and high tapered wooden legs.

These pieces look great when paired with the Literal Cocktail Ottoman, featured here, as well as the Langley chair with or without nails. The cowhide on the back of the Lorenzo Chair picks up on the deep browns in the surrounding furniture and the white walls.

This furniture is made with quality craftsmanship in the foothills of Tennessee where the factory has been employing locals for decades. American made furniture means you can trust you’re getting a quality piece that will last for years. Not only is the leather strong enough to stand the test of time, but the structure and the cushions are also built to last.

Boone Sofa Dimensions:
Width 87″
Depth 41″
Height 37″
Seat Width 67″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 21″


England Furniture Reviews the Tara Collection

England Furniture Tara Collection

There are so many furniture options out there, so it’s important to ensure you are investing in quality when making your purchase. Contemporary furniture, like the sleek pieces in the new Tara Collection is often mimicked by manufacturers who use cheap materials and mass produce identical products. England Furniture takes pride in their made-in-America furniture, using high quality wood, springs and fabrics. Here, England Furniture reviews what’s inside their high-quality sofas, chairs, loveseats and ottomans.

The frame is made from frame-grade plywood, which has few voids between its layered panels. It’s a stronger material that’ll last decades longer than bargain options. Under the cushions hide narrow sinuous springs, instead of the wide loop springs other manufacturers use. These springs offer more support and a longer lasting seat.

The arms are coated in a thin layer of sheeted fiber, in addition to two inches of foam. Other furniture companies use only fiber to cover their arms. The foam core of our cushions is much larger than many other brands, and is wrapped in a fiber wrap. Often, other manufacturers cut corners and wrap in a higher pile of fiber to give the appearance of a comfortable cushion. Theirs last only a year, while ours are warrantied for ten years.

All these elements come together in the Tara collection, which includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. These pieces can come in styles with a nailhead trim for added detail. The high legs are a hallmark of contemporary design.

Tara Sofa Dimensions:
Width 85″
Depth 40″
Height 36″
Seat Width 74″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″