Adding a Pop of Color to Your Living Room

How to add a pop of color to your living room, living room with green accents

Adding a bright, happy color to the living room can create a positive atmosphere in your home. Breathing a bit of life into your home during these gray winter days is as simple as incorporating a pop of color into the living room. Here are a few ways to do this:


Brightly colored pillows, like the ones on this Chandler Sectional by England Furniture, are simple details that can make a huge difference. Pillows can be an inexpensive update to a room, and if you’re handy, you can even reupholster pillows by hand.

Accent Furniture

Accent chairs and ottomans, like England Furniture’s Kinnett Chair or the small Hollie Storage Ottoman, can add an interesting dimension into a room by introducing a whole new vibe. To have an accent piece blend into a room, it’s important to integrate that color throughout other parts of the room so that it doesn’t stick out.


Adding striking art to the walls helps to make the room look more complete. Whether you opt for larger scale paintings or smaller framed water colors, pieces of art can add a splash of color to a wall without having to paint. You can also add vases tucked in a corner or prominently displayed on an end table or coffee table.

Sectional Dimensions:
Width 80″
Depth 37″
Height 38″
Seat Width 66″
Seat Depth 23″
Seat Height 21″

Black Leather Sectional

Black Leather Sectional

Black is classic–it never goes out of style. This chic hue transcends trends because it always looks smart. When Coco Chanel popularized the little black dress, she wanted it to be enduring, versatile and classy. One could ascribe these same attributes to the black leather sectional. The Miller Sectional by England Furniture encompasses this level of elegance with a bit of a midcentury modern feel, while still maintaining a hip vibe.

This black leather sectional has a low, tufted back, paired with high arms resting on wooden pyramid legs. The broad arms have a strong presence dripping with sophistication. The England Furniture Company creates pieces that you can trust will stand up to years of kids, guests and family taking a load off. This high quality black leather sectional looks divine surrounded by subtle black accents, just as the black window panes and black picture frames show.

Completing a contemporary look that isn’t overdone can be difficult for anyone in the process of redecorating, but it’s a best practice to keep your design concept simple. Integrating cool grays and other neutral shades helps the furniture pop without making the room feel cluttered. You can even mix in woods, as this black leather sectional has exposed wooden legs. Imagine relaxing into a chaise lounge once you’ve finally completed your design vision–it’s closer than you think. England Furniture is made in America and is proud to deliver their furniture in thirty days or less.

Width 80″
Depth 108″
Height 31″

Store Clutter Away!

As much as you may try, clutter seems to find its way into all of our homes at one time or another. Magazines, junk mail, kid’s toys, and pet toys scatter around the house and can make even the most beautifully furnished home look messy. After putting effort into the interior design of your home, keep up with the clutter with a hidden storage spot. Here’s how to keep the clutter at bay:

Find a Sectional with Storage

Hiding storage in every nook you can find will keep your rooms looking tidy. Hidden compartments allow you to keep the look of the room that you want, while still having the things you want to keep around nearby. This England Furniture sectional, the EZ6G00, (pictured) has storage in the arm, where you can store the remote and some magazines. It even comes with a cup holder and USB charging station.

Have a “place” for everything

Knowing that there’s a spot where everything should go can help you purge clutter. If it doesn’t “go” anywhere, it doesn’t belong in the house! Teaching kids to put toys away in the spot they’re supposed to be can help them get into the habit of keeping their living space tidy later in life.

Find an Ottoman with Storage

Ottomans with storage are one of the best ways to store away board games, blankets and more. England Furniture offers a variety of ottomans that open to reveal storage space, like the Julia Storage ottoman. Once you’ve tidied up, take a minute to sit back and put your feet up!

Width 142″
Depth 142″
Height 42″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 19″

England Furniture Reviews the Del Mar Larado Sectional

England Furniture Del Mar Larado Sectional

Sectionals are the epitome of comfort in a multi-person family home. Some of the best memories are made lounging around the living room, playing games and hanging out together in one spot. With a sectional that looks as great as the Del Mar Larado, you’ll never want to leave. Here, England Furniture reviews the Del Mar Larado sectional.

Every detail counts on this beautiful piece of furniture. The stunning nails running along the back give it a bit of edge without being too overbearing. The wide, tapered legs look great paired with the grand rolled arms. While no sectional is complete without a chaise, each sectional is made to your specifications.

Another reason the Del Mar Larado sectional is great for a big family, aside from how inviting it is, is that England Furniture quality will stand the test of time. Cushions are made of thick, high quality foam, while other manufacturers use thinner foam and wrap them in layers of fiber, which flatten within the first year of use. You can also upgrade your piece to include feather cushions and pillows. It’s important to invest in a piece that you’ll love, and that you won’t have to replace soon after your purchase.

Width 106″
Depth 103″
Height 39″

Tapered vs Turned Couch Legs

England Furniture Tapered v Turned Legs

When furniture shopping you’ll notice aspects of pieces you love, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. When it comes to couch legs, you may not know how to classify the different types. Couch legs give the piece an extra detail of style, and there is a distinction between the two types that can reflect your personal style.

Tapered Legs: Angie Sectional 4630 Sect

Angie Sectional England Furniture

This England Furniture piece features high tapered legs. It gives the sectional a sleek, modern style with a high-end finish. It would look great in a space that has clean, sleek lines. This particular sectional is suitable for smaller spaces as well as large.

Width 86″
Depth 85″
Height 36″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″


Turned Legs: Layla Sofa 5M05

Layla Sofa England Furniture

This sofa has a dramatic presence in any room. The turned wood legs are the finishing touch to its classic feel. This piece would look great in a space that’s more traditional. To create the perfect look for your home, this piece comes in over 400 fabrics. Also, there are other pieces in this set to help complete your living room, including a loveseat, chair and ottoman.

Width 119″
Depth 118″
Height 38″


England Furniture Introduces 3F00 Finneran

Our England Furniture Finneran group is just the right mix of sass and class. From its round shape to its button tufted back and its tapered wooden leg to its gently sloping track arm, this is a true winner. Make a true statement of your style by selecting from a vast array of available fabric combinations. Available as a sofa, chair, and round sectional.

Why Big Families NEED Sectional Sofas

Have you ever tried to watch a movie in your living room with your entire family?  Are some of your loved ones sitting on the floor? Many people struggle with the right amount of seating for their living rooms, especially if they have a larger family gathering at once. That’s why sectionals are the perfect sofas!  A sectional sofa can give you more space in your living room and make family nights a lot more comfortable. They even great for sleepovers!

A big sectional couch may scare parents because it can be a large space to clean. This is a huge misconception.  Sectional sofas are actually quite easy to clean. Instead of moving from sofa to sofa, you can do a huge sweep around clean and get it done all in one stop.

England Furniture Landry Sectional

A sectional can also give your living room a warm feeling. Now you have extra space and beauty all in one. Explore our England Furniture sectionals and visit your local England Furniture dealer to try out our beautiful and comfortable sectionals for yourself….and let the family fun begin!

England Furniture Brantley Sectional Sofa

There has never been a simpler solution to all your decorating needs than the England Furniture Company‘s Brantley collection. Its transitional design, highlighted by its flared roll arm, pyramid leg, and contrasting throw pillows will accommodate just about any taste and blend with any home decor. The collection includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, and various sectional configurations.

England Furniture Brantley Sectional

England Furniture Hampton Super Wedge Sectional Sofa

England‘s Hampton group is by far the coolest motion collection we have introduced! The silhouette features a pad-over chaise, articulating headrest, and pillow top arm for utmost comfort. Add to that a double reclining loveseat console with special features such as an illuminated touch control power recline sensor, USB ports, tablet holder, flexible task light, and cooling cupholder and you have perfection. Also available as a double reclining sofa, loveseat, minimum proximity recliner, and a push-up wedge.

England Furniture Hampton Super Wedge Sectional Sofa

  • Width: 147″
  • Height: 40″
  • Depth: 123″