Season’s Greetings

With the holidays upon us, we may have to move some furniture to accommodate our holiday décor. Whether you’re pulling out a big holiday moose statue or a Christmas tree, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a little.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to rearrange the entire house. A few fun and simple changes can quickly launch you into the holiday mood.

  • A door wreath is a lovely greeting for incoming guests.
  • New red or gold curtains and matching throw pillows can start the cold winter months with a fun flash of color indoors.
  • A new fuzzy throw rug is always fun to keep toes warm.
  • Twinkle lights around a fireplace mantle or large mirror can make a statement without going completely overboard, (although that’s fun too).
  • Candles can change a simply decorated room into a warm and inviting space.
  • A holiday candy bowl is hard to resist.
  • A festive centerpiece will make any table beautiful and welcoming.


There are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to make our holidays filled with joy that won’t break the bank. No matter what, this holiday season we should all try to spend time with the people we love and take a moment to be grateful.

Happy Holidays from England Furniture!

Making Your House Your Home

It’s one thing to look at a magazine and fall in love with a look. But sometimes when it all comes together, it’s just not us.

Finding the looks that we love can be fun and also stressful, especially if we have just moved. Here are a few thoughts on how to making your house feel like your home:

  • Choose colors that make you smile. Whether it’s the colors of the walls or the furniture, it should feel like you.
  • With everything being electronic, we only see pictures on our phones these days. Print and frame some of your favorites so that you have great memories all around you.
  • Consider your lighting. If you like things bright, you’ll want lighter colored curtains to let in natural light, if you like it dark, the reverse. Lamps and overhead lighting can give you the look you love.
  • Set your personality loose. If you have a fun hobby or quiet obsession, express it here in your safe space.
  • Keeping things tidy can be tough for anyone, so make life easier with cool baskets to store extra pillows, blankets toys or games.
  • Take your time finding those special pieces. You don’t have to fill every area right away. It’s nice to search for treasures to add your home over time.
  • Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be the highlight of your room. All that matters is that you love it. Frame a print or tapestry or kids art that you cherish and hang it with pride.

No matter your style, make your home an expression of who you are and what you love! Explore more England Furniture pieces today!


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Sleeper Sofas and Multipurpose Rooms

Many renters and homeowners have that one room that serves multiple purposes and, when guests stay overnight, it often becomes the guest bedroom.  Many forward-thinking people purchase a sleeper for their multipurpose room and we have a great selections of England Furniture sleepers.  Here are some suggestions that you can use to choose the right sleeper that creates a comfortable sleeping space and still be an important part of your multi-functional room.

First, choose a monochromatic colored sleeper and overall theme.  These colors are soothing for both work and play.  Try to stay with solid, tone-on-tone, small scale patterns.   Large tossed floral patterns look great in the bedroom but they aren’t always conducive to a multipurpose room.  Select a sleeper sofa you believe will work equally well in both contexts, work and sleep.


Add the right chair in your room.  Most guests don’t immediately fall asleep and they will appreciate a comfy chair to sit on.  Choose something that could act as a comfortable place to rest, read or watch TV.  Check out the expansive catalog of England Furniture chairs that could work great in a multipurpose room.

Finally, those little things can make a big difference.   Bedding, for example, is something that makes a sleeper sofa look fit for a king or queen.  Place sheets and blankets on top to create a lush, inviting, comfortable bed.  If the weather is on the colder side add a nice comforter and extra blanket.  Then place several pillows and throw pillows on top of you’ve created a luxurious sleeping environment that all of your guests will love.


Create Some Holiday Cheer with England Furniture

England Furniture Company
The holidays are upon us and you may already be asking yourself how you can create rooms to reflect these special occasions.  Here are some tips from England Furniture to help you get started.


  • Use a Consistent Color Scheme – First consider all the holiday elements in a given room.  If, for example, you have a room with a Christmas tree consider the color scheme on the tree and how other elements in the room can complement those colors.
  • Consider the Room’s Natural Décor – Also consider how the room’s natural décor and color scheme works with your chosen color palette.  If you’re using a lot of blue on a holiday item, and your sofa is a green, consider items that can match well with those two colors.
  • Use Pretty Pillows and Rugs – Pillows and rugs are a quick, easy and creative ways to add some holiday cheer in almost every room.  Consider the wide selection of England Furniture rugs available to you as you add those holiday touches.
  • Encourage Conversations – The holidays are often a time for visiting with friends, family and loved ones.  You can, for example, place a round table in any square-shaped room for easier holiday entertaining. This circular shape encourages conversation flow between all guests and doesn’t restrict you in only talking to the people on either side of you.
  • Create Holiday Focal Points – The holidays are a great time to create new, festive focal points in many of your rooms.  Place a holiday themed item in the center of your dining room table and on your living room coffee table.

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6 Secrets of Furniture Placement

England Furniture Hampton Super Wedge Sectional Sofa

IVillage shares some tips on decorating your living room.

One of the 6 secrets to furniture placement is to consider your seating arrangements. If you have a long wall, you may want to put your seating along the wall.

For more information:


England Furniture Fabrics – Tesoro Earth

tesoro earth



Due to characteristics of this fabric, natural variations including shading may occur. These variations should not be considered flaws.

  • Cover Type: Contemporary Pillow
  • Grade: F
  • Polyester: 100 %
  • Wearability: M/H
  • Cleaning Code: W
  • Direction: Non-Railroad
  • Fabric Code: 1
  • Brand: England

tesoro earth alfresco winter carter sofa

Shown: Carter Sofa in Tesoro Earth, accent pillows in Alfresco Winter

2 Rules for Organizing Your Living Room Furniture

England Furniture Living Room Tables J026


Realsimple shares their tips on arranging living room furniture.

In furniture arrangements, 18″ is the magic number. 18″ means that your guests can pass between furniture pieces with ease.

For more information, see: