The History Of England Furniture

Production begins in 1964, Dwight England in partnership with his Father and Brother launches a new furniture company “England UPH MFG Co., Inc.”

Thoughout the 70’s a new generation of the England family is employed. The 3rd generation of the England family begins taking a more active part and assuming more responsibility in running the business.

England/Corsair works around the clock. England is the first to offer an amazing 2 week delivery on a full truck load of furniture. Most other companies take 6-12 weeks to deliver.

England/Corsair continues to grow – now boasting 200 employees, compared to the 3 employees when established in 1964. In 1987 Rodney England takesover as President from his Father.

England/Corsair receives the “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” award.

La-Z-Boy® acquires England/Corsair.England/Corsair has sales of $106 million in the fiscal year ending June 1994.

“Custom Comfort Centers” are formed – showcasing England furniture to customers.

England opens “Custom Furniture Direct” Stores. Freestanding stores offer consumers delivery to their homes in as few as 21 days – on ANY frame or fabric.


England Furniture announces 200 job expansion in New Tazewell, Tennessee factory. Read more about the England Furniture Job Expansion.