Black Leather Sectional

Black Leather Sectional

Black is classic–it never goes out of style. This chic hue transcends trends because it always looks smart. When Coco Chanel popularized the little black dress, she wanted it to be enduring, versatile and classy. One could ascribe these same attributes to the black leather sectional. The Miller Sectional by England Furniture encompasses this level of elegance with a bit of a midcentury modern feel, while still maintaining a hip vibe.

This black leather sectional has a low, tufted back, paired with high arms resting on wooden pyramid legs. The broad arms have a strong presence dripping with sophistication. The England Furniture Company creates pieces that you can trust will stand up to years of kids, guests and family taking a load off. This high quality black leather sectional looks divine surrounded by subtle black accents, just as the black window panes and black picture frames show.

Completing a contemporary look that isn’t overdone can be difficult for anyone in the process of redecorating, but it’s a best practice to keep your design concept simple. Integrating cool grays and other neutral shades helps the furniture pop without making the room feel cluttered. You can even mix in woods, as this black leather sectional has exposed wooden legs. Imagine relaxing into a chaise lounge once you’ve finally completed your design vision–it’s closer than you think. England Furniture is made in America and is proud to deliver their furniture in thirty days or less.

Width 80″
Depth 108″
Height 31″

Modern Leather Recliner

Modern Leather Recliner

Leather recliners can be the perfect finishing touch to your space. They’re classic, comfortable, and can really enhance the feel of a space. A modern leather recliner that enhances a mod or contemporary home can be the piece of furniture that you’ve been searching for. The Murray Arm Chair in this black leather color is just that.

This leather recliner has high tapered wooden legs with a comfortable box seat and back cushions. By upgrading to power-reclining, you can slowly ease into relaxation thanks to this modern enhancement. There are over forty leathers to choose from, so you can get the look that you envision. The best part is that you can have this leather recliner in your home in thirty days or less.

It’s important to keep quality in mind when searching for a new modern leather recliner. There are many cut-rate manufacturers who offer deep discounts, but these recliners can have inexpensive looking leather, poor craftsmanship, and the cushioning can become flat in under a year. Unlike many other furniture makers, England Furniture takes pride in each piece they craft. The England Furniture company is headquartered in New Tazewell, Tennessee, where hundreds have been employed over the years to create quality, made-in-America furniture.

Check out this piece or another modern leather recliner by England Furniture.

Width 32″
Depth 36″
Height 38″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″

White Leather Sofa Interior Design Tips

A white leather sofa makes a statement in a living room. While some may be reluctant to buy white furniture, white leather stands the test of time. Pictured is the Lyons Sofa 2Y05ALN.

Making a white leather sofa work in your living room is not as hard as it may seem when you have an eye for details. Keeping a neutral color palate with cooler colors, rather than warm colors can tie the room together. Consider getting a lightly colored area rug or installing gray wood paneled floors. This white sofa really stands out against an industrial-styled living room.

Details like lightly colored flower pots, frames, and even a tray for your ottoman all help create the look you covet. This cool style is perfect for winter, just keep a cozy blanket nearby or stored in your ottoman for those colder nights.

A room with white leather furniture is all about minimalism to draw attention to the beautiful pieces featured in the room. England Furniture makes a wide variety of sofas, chairs, ottomans and more right in the United States. With so many fabric options for each model they make, you can find your perfect white leather sofa.

Width 89″
Depth 38″
Height 36″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 20″


How to Arrange a Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, you may be struggling with how to arrange it. Before you buy furniture for this space, make sure to take measurements so you can get an idea of what kind of space you’ll be dealing with. If you’re short on space, here are a few ways to make the most out of your room.


How to Arrange a Small Living Room:


Pick Smaller Pieces

Larger sofas and sectionals may take up your entire room if they’re not selected properly. Instead of a sofa, opt for a loveseat. You can still have an ottoman, but make sure it’s smaller, like the England Furniture

Hollie Storage Ottoman 2F081LH (pictured). This small square ottoman is perfect for small rooms and apartments, yet it still completes the look.


Find Built-In Storage

Shelving in smaller spaces may make a room look smaller, so try using appealing storage bins or baskets to make the look neater. Furniture with built-in storage can help decrease how overwhelmed a space may become with clutter. The Hollie Storage Ottoman also has storage, making it the perfect place to hide blankets away.


Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors opposite to windows or doorways into other rooms can help make the room appear more spacious. Mirrors that reflect an open area can be really effective in creating the illusion that there’s more space than there actually is.

Before placing furniture, try mapping out the room with blue tape–imagine what it’ll feel like with those places filled in. This can save you some time and energy when redecorating.

Ottoman Dimensions:
Width 21″
Depth 20″
Height 21″

American Leather Furniture: The River West Chair

American leather furniture is classic and timeless. England Furniture is created by craftsmen in the heart of America in the foothills of Tennessee. Each piece is constructed from years of experience, as the England Furniture brand has been around since 1964.

Featured here is the River West chair in leather. It is casual with a track arm and loose back & seat cushions. The block legs are a sturdy detail that finishes off the look. The seams that run along this chair are refined in a style that is enduring–this piece deserves a spotlight because of its understated simplicity.

The entire River West group is composed of pieces that fit in a modern, refined home. Available in this group is a sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, sectional, and queen sleeper. AYou can find more pieces to love on England Furniture’s website.

Width 37″
Depth 38″
Height 36″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 20″

Leather Living Room Furniture: The Luca Collection

Leather living room furniture is classic and sturdy. This furniture has an upscale look that transforms a room from being just okay to luxurious.  Leather living room furniture is perfect for you if you are tired of stains in your fabric upholstery. Most leathers can be wiped down after a spill.

The Luca collection by the England Furniture Company is a beautiful new addition to their line of furniture. This collection encompasses over forty leathers to choose from so you can find the perfect type for your home. The Luca sofa features broad, rolled arms that will invite you in for a relaxing afternoon. Grab a book and settle in!

Choose from a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman in this collection to complete your room in matching, gorgeous leather. This darker leather color looks great contrasted against white or gray walls. You can add darker details throughout and get creative with picking up these deeper chocolates throughout the room.

Width 91″
Depth 39”
Height 37″
Seat Width 68″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 19″


England Furniture Reviews the Del Mar Collection

Comfortable furniture doesn’t have to be unattractive. When you have more than one seating area in your home, your furniture needs for each room may be different. That’s why England Furniture offers a wide variety of styles that can fulfill your vision. Our furniture is custom made to deliver within 30 days right in the United States. For furniture that’s made for a living room where the whole family spends lots time together on the sofa, the Del Mar collection is the perfect choice.

This collection features sofas, chairs, sectionals and more that are extra comfortable and come with optional feather blend cushions and pillows. These pieces are made with foam that won’t flatten after just a year of use, unlike other furniture manufacturers. You’ll even be able to flip these cushions for even more longevity as the cushions are fully reversible.

This England Furniture collection encompasses the Catalina, Newport and Larado groups. The Catalina sofa, loveseat, and chair & ½ have unique wave-like arms and sleek tapered legs. The Newport chair, loveseat and sofa will all draw you in with its luxurious cushioned arms and plush seat and back. Lastly, check out Larado, a sectional that features bold arms and a stunning nail head trim that is also comfortable enough for the whole family to lounge on.

Pictured is the Del Mar Newport Sofa 6Q05.

Width 101″
Depth 41″
Height 39″
Seat Width 74″
Seat Depth 24″
Seat Height 22″

Furniture Trends: Nailhead Trim

Details transform nice furniture into beautiful furniture. While some people prefer furniture with a more classic look, others like to incorporate trendy details into the pieces they choose. England Furniture has countless styles which include this trendy detail, the nailhead trim.

This sofa, the Renea Sofa, features a nailhead trim across the bottom and on the arm panels. Though the brass nails have an antique feel, this style has made a comeback in recent years. This sofa has simple features, which lets the details shine. Modest rolled arms with perfectly tailored cushions are accented by the nailhead trim and turned wood legs.

The other piece pictured is the Anne Ottoman with Nails. It pairs well with the Renea sofa because of the corresponding features–namely the turned wood legs and the brass nailhead trim. This ottoman has a tufted top that contrasts with the smooth cushions of the Renea sofa.

Though the nailhead trim might seem like an edgy detail made out of hardware, it has become a detail featured on furniture in homes all across America.

Sofa Dimensions:
Width 85″
Depth 38″
Height 38″
Seat Width 66″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 22″

Ottoman Dimensions:
Width 45″
Depth 31″
Height 18″


England Furniture Reviews How to Pick Your Furniture Fabric

Finding the right color palette for your living room can be a challenge. You may find yourself being indecisive about color because you’re afraid you might get tired of it, or that it won’t look the way you envision it. Sometimes, a color you like in a showroom looks completely different in the lighting at your home. Here, England Furniture reviews some ways to help you choose a color palette for your living room:

Keep Paint Chip Samples with You

You never know when color inspiration is going to strike, so once you’ve narrowed down which paint colors you like best, keep the paint chips in your purse, wallet or car. If you’re going furniture shopping, you’ll want those samples on hand, and even if you’re perusing a store and see pillows you love, you can get a sense of what they’ll look like with new paint on the walls.

Bring Fabric Swatches Home

After you’ve decided which England Furniture fabric colors you like best, bring swatches home. Evaluate whether the colors look as they did in the showroom once you see them in the lighting in your home. Take into account how colors may look different with dimmer lighting at night.

Keep It Simple

Adding design elements around the room may compete with the colors you’ve chosen in your home. Taking elements of color and bringing them into the rug, bookcase or shelving can help limit clashing colors to bring the whole room together. Simple is better.

Choose Colors You Love, Not Trends

Trends come and go, but colors that make you smile never change. If yellow keeps you mellow, find your perfect shade and pair it with a great gray sofa. If you crave dark colors, see how deep purples can look contrasted with cream colored furniture. The England Furniture Company has endless design and fabric combinations so you can bet on getting your perfect piece.

Store Clutter Away!

As much as you may try, clutter seems to find its way into all of our homes at one time or another. Magazines, junk mail, kid’s toys, and pet toys scatter around the house and can make even the most beautifully furnished home look messy. After putting effort into the interior design of your home, keep up with the clutter with a hidden storage spot. Here’s how to keep the clutter at bay:

Find a Sectional with Storage

Hiding storage in every nook you can find will keep your rooms looking tidy. Hidden compartments allow you to keep the look of the room that you want, while still having the things you want to keep around nearby. This England Furniture sectional, the EZ6G00, (pictured) has storage in the arm, where you can store the remote and some magazines. It even comes with a cup holder and USB charging station.

Have a “place” for everything

Knowing that there’s a spot where everything should go can help you purge clutter. If it doesn’t “go” anywhere, it doesn’t belong in the house! Teaching kids to put toys away in the spot they’re supposed to be can help them get into the habit of keeping their living space tidy later in life.

Find an Ottoman with Storage

Ottomans with storage are one of the best ways to store away board games, blankets and more. England Furniture offers a variety of ottomans that open to reveal storage space, like the Julia Storage ottoman. Once you’ve tidied up, take a minute to sit back and put your feet up!

Width 142″
Depth 142″
Height 42″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 19″