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About Us

Superior quality furniture must come from superior facilities. At England Furniture, we boast a total of over 725,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space between our multiple facilities.

From the very beginning at the cut and sew facility, our materials are handled with care, and cut, striped, and designed using only computer-controlled technology for unmatched precision. Fabrics are sized to exact specifications at incredible speeds.

Our frames are processed in a separate facility that utilizes 14 computerized routers that cut and design each frame to the specification of the furniture’s design. Our lifetime-guaranteed frames are even finished with guide notches that aid in precision for the rest of the assembly.

Our massive main assembly plant operates 23 assembly lines, allowing each one to develop mastery of a small number of styles.

We run our own trucking company out of our logistics location. Our own trucks help fulfill our rapid delivery standards. Each time a truck returns, it is washed, fueled, and inspected by our own maintenance crew.

Because of our commitment to our customers and American manufacturing, we have dedicated enormous amounts of resources to our plants and facilities. At England Furniture it’s how we can deliver such a high-quality product quickly and professionally.