Store Clutter Away!

As much as you may try, clutter seems to find its way into all of our homes at one time or another. Magazines, junk mail, kid’s toys, and pet toys scatter around the house and can make even the most beautifully furnished home look messy. After putting effort into the interior design of your home, keep up with the clutter with a hidden storage spot. Here’s how to keep the clutter at bay:

Find a Sectional with Storage

Hiding storage in every nook you can find will keep your rooms looking tidy. Hidden compartments allow you to keep the look of the room that you want, while still having the things you want to keep around nearby. This England Furniture sectional, the EZ6G00, (pictured) has storage in the arm, where you can store the remote and some magazines. It even comes with a cup holder and USB charging station.

Have a “place” for everything

Knowing that there’s a spot where everything should go can help you purge clutter. If it doesn’t “go” anywhere, it doesn’t belong in the house! Teaching kids to put toys away in the spot they’re supposed to be can help them get into the habit of keeping their living space tidy later in life.

Find an Ottoman with Storage

Ottomans with storage are one of the best ways to store away board games, blankets and more. England Furniture offers a variety of ottomans that open to reveal storage space, like the Julia Storage ottoman. Once you’ve tidied up, take a minute to sit back and put your feet up!

Width 142″
Depth 142″
Height 42″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 19″

England Furniture Reviews Chair Types

England Furniture Valerie Swivel Chair

Simple and chic. Sometimes that’s all you need to pull a room together. Here, England Furniture reviews the perks of finding your perfect accent chair that completes the look you have in mind.

Swivel Chairs
These chairs are functional and fashionable, especially those created by England Furniture. Pictured is the Valerie Swivel chair, which has slightly flared arms and a reversible T-cushion seat. Swivel chairs move with you if you want a little something extra from a stationary chair.

There are endless designs to choose from when you decide on adding a recliner to your space. Recliners are great when you don’t have an interest in getting an ottoman, but you still want to put your feet up after a long day. These chairs come in so many shapes, and can even come with a high-leg, which are really recliners in disguise.

High Leg
Chairs with high legs don’t sit directly on the ground with hidden legs. They come in three main designs: Tapered, Turned, or Curved. Tapered legs are more mod, as the legs have a sleek, straight edge. Turned legs tend to look more traditional, with rounded edges. Curved legs have a classic feel straight out of earlier times, that can best be described as looking somewhat like the shape of a clawfoot tub’s legs.

Rockers are more than just your grandparent’s chair. England Furniture has a variety of rockers, such as the Natalie Chair, which is wrapped in comfort. Rockers are great for a baby’s room to calmly lull them to sleep.


England Furniture Reviews the Del Mar Larado Sectional

England Furniture Del Mar Larado Sectional

Sectionals are the epitome of comfort in a multi-person family home. Some of the best memories are made lounging around the living room, playing games and hanging out together in one spot. With a sectional that looks as great as the Del Mar Larado, you’ll never want to leave. Here, England Furniture reviews the Del Mar Larado sectional.

Every detail counts on this beautiful piece of furniture. The stunning nails running along the back give it a bit of edge without being too overbearing. The wide, tapered legs look great paired with the grand rolled arms. While no sectional is complete without a chaise, each sectional is made to your specifications.

Another reason the Del Mar Larado sectional is great for a big family, aside from how inviting it is, is that England Furniture quality will stand the test of time. Cushions are made of thick, high quality foam, while other manufacturers use thinner foam and wrap them in layers of fiber, which flatten within the first year of use. You can also upgrade your piece to include feather cushions and pillows. It’s important to invest in a piece that you’ll love, and that you won’t have to replace soon after your purchase.

Width 106″
Depth 103″
Height 39″

England Furniture Reviews the Boone Collection

When you want rustic, statement furniture that looks great and will stand the test of time, look no further than the Boone collection. Here, England Furniture reviews this collection. This set features a sofa and loveseat, pictured in a chocolatey brown leather, but it can also come with a chair and ottoman. There’s no substitute for authenticity, and these bold pieces of furniture are no exception. The sofa and loveseat feature broad rolled arms, comfortable back cushions, and high tapered wooden legs.

These pieces look great when paired with the Literal Cocktail Ottoman, featured here, as well as the Langley chair with or without nails. The cowhide on the back of the Lorenzo Chair picks up on the deep browns in the surrounding furniture and the white walls.

This furniture is made with quality craftsmanship in the foothills of Tennessee where the factory has been employing locals for decades. American made furniture means you can trust you’re getting a quality piece that will last for years. Not only is the leather strong enough to stand the test of time, but the structure and the cushions are also built to last.

Boone Sofa Dimensions:
Width 87″
Depth 41″
Height 37″
Seat Width 67″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 21″


England Furniture Reviews the Tara Collection

England Furniture Tara Collection

There are so many furniture options out there, so it’s important to ensure you are investing in quality when making your purchase. Contemporary furniture, like the sleek pieces in the new Tara Collection is often mimicked by manufacturers who use cheap materials and mass produce identical products. England Furniture takes pride in their made-in-America furniture, using high quality wood, springs and fabrics. Here, England Furniture reviews what’s inside their high-quality sofas, chairs, loveseats and ottomans.

The frame is made from frame-grade plywood, which has few voids between its layered panels. It’s a stronger material that’ll last decades longer than bargain options. Under the cushions hide narrow sinuous springs, instead of the wide loop springs other manufacturers use. These springs offer more support and a longer lasting seat.

The arms are coated in a thin layer of sheeted fiber, in addition to two inches of foam. Other furniture companies use only fiber to cover their arms. The foam core of our cushions is much larger than many other brands, and is wrapped in a fiber wrap. Often, other manufacturers cut corners and wrap in a higher pile of fiber to give the appearance of a comfortable cushion. Theirs last only a year, while ours are warrantied for ten years.

All these elements come together in the Tara collection, which includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. These pieces can come in styles with a nailhead trim for added detail. The high legs are a hallmark of contemporary design.

Tara Sofa Dimensions:
Width 85″
Depth 40″
Height 36″
Seat Width 74″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″


Hottest Trends in Remodeling – Part 2

Reed Sofa England Furniture

Tying a room together demands attention to detail. When you’re remodeling and starting from scratch, there can be so many overwhelming options to integrate into your home to get it looking great. Here, England Furniture reviews more interior decorating trends to include in your next remodel. Of course, no room is complete without some gorgeous new England Furniture.

Distressed Wood Floors
Out with wall to wall carpeting, in with rustic flooring! In years past, floors would sustain wear and tear that might drive you insane. Thus, wall to wall carpeting became commonly used in many homes. The time has come to reveal, once again, those beautiful wood floors. Often, contractors can restore original flooring and create a distressed look. What’s great about this look is that any scratches or stains that may occur over time look deliberate, so all you have to worry about is sweeping up the dust.


Arched Windows
Grand, arched windows bring a level of sophistication to any space. They let sunlight flood in when they mirror the size of a doorway. Arched windows are an unexpected unique twist that look classic and clean.


Statement Curtains
Accentuate your arched windows with straight, sleek lines of light curtains. Heavy curtains may overwhelm a smaller space, while light curtains, if hung correctly, still make a huge statement. The trick is to hang the curtains well above the top line of the window, and extend past their edges. This makes the window look larger, while also letting more sunlight in.


Finishing the Look
Complete your room with furniture that will last for years to come. The furniture featured in this room comes from the Reed collection. The Reed Sofa has rolled arms and turned bun legs. It can be accompanied by a matching loveseat, chair, ottoman or sectional.


Width 86″
Depth 40″
Height 38″
Seat Width 67″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″


Life Hacks: The Recliner that Charges Your Phone

EZ Motion Recliner EZ1C52N with charging port

When you come home from a long day, there’s no better feeling than melting into a comfortable recliner to catch up on the news or with friends on social media. However, as the day is coming to an end, your smartphone is probably running low on battery. The last thing you’re going to want to do is run around the house looking for your charger, only to realize you have to move a sofa or crawl under an end table to plug your charger in.

That’s when the England Furniture Company decided to solve this problem. The result is a recliner that includes a USB port to charge your phone. The EZ Motion Recliner EZ1C52N has everything. It can be powered with or without a battery pack, and looks great with a nailhead trim.

This recliner has a semi-attached back that offers the optimal amount of cushioning. You no longer need to worry about locating an outlet in inconvenient spots, when one is available right within reach. This furniture is built to last, and is made right in the United States in Tennessee.

Width 36″
Depth 41″
Height 43″
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 20″

The Crocodile Ottoman

Norah Ottoman England Furniture

If you like taking risks with your personal style and don’t conform to the status quo, you likely keep your eye out for pieces of furniture that make you feel unique. Expressing an edgy vibe through an ottoman is actually attainable with this feisty piece.

The crocodile embossed leather featured in the new Norah Ottoman 3V07H is a showstopping piece that will catch the eye of all your visitors. The ottoman sits atop turned legs with lots of character. A nailhead trim is available in the 3V07HN style.

Don’t overlook opportunities in your everyday life to be uniquely you. This grand piece of England Furniture can be an interesting addition to a living room with edgy, darker colors and other leather pieces. This ottoman is also available in cowhide.

Width 48″
Depth 23″
Height 18″


Chesterfield Inspired Sofas

Dorchester Abbey Rondell Sofa

In 18th century England, your status in society was defined by your family, and your taste. The 4th Earl of Chesterfield was trendsetter during this time, and he took pride in his personal style, as well as the appearance of his home. His legacy is a piece of furniture that has stood the test of time.

Legend has it, that Lord Phillip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned a chair that was not only beautiful, but also set a trend for high class furniture going forward. He envisioned a chair with a low seat, nailhead trim, high rolled arms, and quilted leather with deep buttons. It is believed that on his deathbed, he gifted this chair to a young diplomat who began commissioning chairs in its fashion, thus sparking the trend.

Though there’s no way to confirm the origin story of the Chesterfield style, it has inspired furniture designers for hundreds of years going forward. England Furniture’s Dorchester Abbey Rondell Sofa 2R05 is an ode to this style, with its deep tufted back, antique bronze nails, and large rolled arms which sit at the same level of the backrest. Similar styles include a loveseat, chair and ottoman.

Width 99″
Depth 41″
Height 33″
Seat Width 73″
Seat Depth 23″
Seat Height 20″

How to Identify Different Leather Types

Larae Cocktail Ottoman EnglandFurniture

When you’re looking for a quality leather product, don’t be fooled by fake fabrics. Plastic-based materials attempt to emulate leather, but they don’t last nearly as long. Especially when it comes to furniture, you want to make sure you’re purchasing a piece that will last for years. The England Furniture Company has a variety of leathers to choose from, in different colors and textures.

This specific piece is the Larae Cocktail Ottoman with Nails 3N07ALN, a piece that comes only in leather, in the color of your choice. It’s lined with a simple, yet sophisticated nailhead trim and features tall turned wooden legs. Many pieces in various collections can be chosen in either fabric or leather, depending on the style. Here, England Furniture reviews the four main types of leather.

Full Grain
The highest quality leather, this type includes all parts of the natural grain. Because of this, it’s more expensive to treat, and thus, it costs more. It’s the most durable type of leather because it contains the strongest part of the hide. This type of leather typically looks more beautiful with age, as it develops a unique look specific to your item.

Top Grain
Being the second highest quality, the outer layer of the hide is removed. It’s thinner than full grain and since it’s easier to work with, it’s less expensive. This type of leather has a more uniform surface than full grain, so some people enjoy it more.

Split Leather
This type of leather is made by splitting the bottom part from the grain. This type of leather includes suede, which is textured to have a napped finish with a small pile.

Bonded Leather
This type of leather is actually only 17% real leather–it’s a processed leather product. Bonded leather is manufactured by taking scraps of real leather, grounding them up, and adhering them to a layer of polyurethane. It is lower quality, and thus, less costly.

Ottoman dimensions:
Width 42″
Depth 29″
Height 18″