England Furniture’s 6 Tips To Rearrange Any Room

England Furniture offers these 6 tips to help rearrange any room in your home without additional stress.

Tip 1 – Construct a plan in advance showing the empty room before actually removing or rearranging furniture. Create separate scale drawings each piece of furniture you currently have in this room and place them into your plan. This can help you to decide the best positions in the room for each piece of furniture. (There is a 3D room planner on the England Furniture website if you want to get a more detailed and accurate vision) Try to allow as much floor space as possible to ensure that people can move around freely, and also get to other rooms without any difficulty. Additionally, try not to block any doorways or windows.

Tip 2 – Concentrate on a focal point in your room. A focal point is a central area of focus in a room that furniture can be arranged around. For example, if you decide to use a fireplace as a focal point, strategically place furniture in the room to complement the fireplace. Large windows can also serve as a focal point. Once you have made a decision about what to use as your focal point, remember to keep space, as well as door location, in mind when planning the layout of the room.

Tip 3 – Place larger pieces of furniture – such as sofas and cabinets – against a wall. Engaging in this step allows space in the center of the room to be empty, thus helping to create the illusion that the room is more spacious than it may actually be.

Tip 4 – Try to remove as much clutter as possible such as decorative figures, embellishments or photographs displayed on end tables or hanging on the walls. The goal is to keep the room looking clean and simple, while still maintaining some sentimental value.

Tip 5 – Another way of creating space is to use open, uncovered shelves rather than using cabinets. This step will not only allow you to display your favorite sentimental items easily to the public, but it will allow for the visualization of the walls behind items. This helps to create a sense of depth in the room.

Tip 6 – Finally, consider the current color scheme of the room. When possible try to use more light or neutral colors which can help to accentuate natural sunlight when it enters the room through windows.

For more information about rearranging any room in your home try the England Furniture 3D room planning feature at

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