England Furniture Paige Loveseat

England’s Paige collection is a blatant statement of upscale style. It doesn’t get much better than this! Characterized by its cutaway arm, pewter nailhead trim along the back, and block leg, the Paige collection is a real showstopper. The group includes a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. Paige is also available in leather-like fabrics – Vada.

England Furniture Paige Loveseat

The England Living Room Loveseat is available at a retailer near you.

  • Width: 55″
  • Height: 39″
  • Depth: 39″
England Furniture

One thought on “England Furniture Paige Loveseat

  1. Dhira says:

    Leather breathes and is aualtlcy more resilient than most fabrics so I wouldn’t write that off. If you can afford to spend what you have on your sound system, then you should be able to invest in the actual furniture you are going to be sitting in every day. Is this room your only living room? If not, you can choose the new theatre type seating with cup holders etc. If it is your only room then it has to serve dual purposes .entertaining as well as lounging T.V. nights. If you decide on fabric, make sure it is a durable fabric that can hold up to constant use and can easily be steam cleaned. And make sure the fabric protection the store offers is an injected protection and not just a Scotch Guard. With Scotch Guard the first time you have your furniture cleaned it disappears and has to be constantly reapplied. Not good. Leather can be cleaned with leather cleaners and damp wiped off. Spots can be massaged in with the leather cleaner. Good leather becomes softer with age, fabric wears. And invest in the upgraded seat cushions if it’s offered so you don’t wind up with sagging seats. Leather comes in different grades so pick one that meets your budget but don’t choose the lowest grade. Regardless of whether you choose leather or fabric you still have to be careful with food and drink. There is no particular fabric that is resistant to stains. Consider too the pieces of furniture you choose so you get the best set up for conversation and T.V. but not an arrangement that necessarily has everyone sitting like they are on a bus. Maybe a sectional with a chaise or two that allows people to spread out and still feel part of the scene. Check out your local nice furniture stores, tell them what you need, ask a lot of questions and I’m sure you will get the help you need to find what works best for you.

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