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The holidays are upon us and you may already be asking yourself how you can create rooms to reflect these special occasions.  Here are some tips from England Furniture to help you get started.


  • Use a Consistent Color Scheme – First consider all the holiday elements in a given room.  If, for example, you have a room with a Christmas tree consider the color scheme on the tree and how other elements in the room can complement those colors.
  • Consider the Room’s Natural Décor – Also consider how the room’s natural décor and color scheme works with your chosen color palette.  If you’re using a lot of blue on a holiday item, and your sofa is a green, consider items that can match well with those two colors.
  • Use Pretty Pillows and Rugs – Pillows and rugs are a quick, easy and creative ways to add some holiday cheer in almost every room.  Consider the wide selection of England Furniture rugs available to you as you add those holiday touches.
  • Encourage Conversations – The holidays are often a time for visiting with friends, family and loved ones.  You can, for example, place a round table in any square-shaped room for easier holiday entertaining. This circular shape encourages conversation flow between all guests and doesn’t restrict you in only talking to the people on either side of you.
  • Create Holiday Focal Points – The holidays are a great time to create new, festive focal points in many of your rooms.  Place a holiday themed item in the center of your dining room table and on your living room coffee table.
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