White Leather Sofa Interior Design Tips

A white leather sofa makes a statement in a living room. While some may be reluctant to buy white furniture, white leather stands the test of time. Pictured is the Lyons Sofa 2Y05ALN.

Making a white leather sofa work in your living room is not as hard as it may seem when you have an eye for details. Keeping a neutral color palate with cooler colors, rather than warm colors can tie the room together. Consider getting a lightly colored area rug or installing gray wood paneled floors. This white sofa really stands out against an industrial-styled living room.

Details like lightly colored flower pots, frames, and even a tray for your ottoman all help create the look you covet. This cool style is perfect for winter, just keep a cozy blanket nearby or stored in your ottoman for those colder nights.

A room with white leather furniture is all about minimalism to draw attention to the beautiful pieces featured in the room. England Furniture makes a wide variety of sofas, chairs, ottomans and more right in the United States. With so many fabric options for each model they make, you can find your perfect white leather sofa.

Width 89″
Depth 38″
Height 36″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 20″


England Furniture

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