Black Leather Sectional

Black Leather Sectional

Black is classic–it never goes out of style. This chic hue transcends trends because it always looks smart. When Coco Chanel popularized the little black dress, she wanted it to be enduring, versatile and classy. One could ascribe these same attributes to the black leather sectional. The Miller Sectional by England Furniture encompasses this level of elegance with a bit of a midcentury modern feel, while still maintaining a hip vibe.

This black leather sectional has a low, tufted back, paired with high arms resting on wooden pyramid legs. The broad arms have a strong presence dripping with sophistication. The England Furniture Company creates pieces that you can trust will stand up to years of kids, guests and family taking a load off. This high quality black leather sectional looks divine surrounded by subtle black accents, just as the black window panes and black picture frames show.

Completing a contemporary look that isn’t overdone can be difficult for anyone in the process of redecorating, but it’s a best practice to keep your design concept simple. Integrating cool grays and other neutral shades helps the furniture pop without making the room feel cluttered. You can even mix in woods, as this black leather sectional has exposed wooden legs. Imagine relaxing into a chaise lounge once you’ve finally completed your design vision–it’s closer than you think. England Furniture is made in America and is proud to deliver their furniture in thirty days or less.

Width 80″
Depth 108″
Height 31″

Why Big Families NEED Sectional Sofas

Have you ever tried to watch a movie in your living room with your entire family?  Are some of your loved ones sitting on the floor? Many people struggle with the right amount of seating for their living rooms, especially if they have a larger family gathering at once. That’s why sectionals are the perfect sofas!  A sectional sofa can give you more space in your living room and make family nights a lot more comfortable. They even great for sleepovers!

A big sectional couch may scare parents because it can be a large space to clean. This is a huge misconception.  Sectional sofas are actually quite easy to clean. Instead of moving from sofa to sofa, you can do a huge sweep around clean and get it done all in one stop.

England Furniture Landry Sectional

A sectional can also give your living room a warm feeling. Now you have extra space and beauty all in one. Explore our England Furniture sectionals and visit your local England Furniture dealer to try out our beautiful and comfortable sectionals for yourself….and let the family fun begin!