Gray Tufted Sofa

Gray Tufted Sofa

Finding the perfect gray tufted sofa for your home can turn into a long journey. However, since this style is on trend, many furniture manufacturers are taking advantage of this, producing uninspiring pieces not made with high quality materials. In comparison, England Furniture creates each piece in New Tazewell, Tennessee, taking care to ensure their furniture is made to last, created by craftsmen and women right in the United States.

England Furniture offers a broad selection of high quality fabrics and leathers. Still, what’s inside is what really counts. England Furniture’s foam has three layers of comfort, which means that the cushioning holds up better than cut-rate manufacturers. Best of all, the sofa cushions are upholstered on both sides, so they can be flipped to further enhance the years of soft, plush comfort.

There are so many reasons to love this gray tufted sofa. The Brody Sofa (pictured) by England Furniture is a gray tufted sofa that can also be ordered in a variety of fabric choices. The style is a midcentury modern, which can work in many spaces. Its beautiful dark tapered legs serve as a contrast to the soft rounded accents at the top corners of this sofa. The tufted back to this sofa not only looks great, but can also offer lumbar support for your back. England Furniture is always functional and beautiful.

Width 81″
Depth 38″
Height 36″
Seat Width 72″
Seat Depth 22″
Seat Height 21″


Making Your House Your Home

It’s one thing to look at a magazine and fall in love with a look. But sometimes when it all comes together, it’s just not us.

Finding the looks that we love can be fun and also stressful, especially if we have just moved. Here are a few thoughts on how to making your house feel like your home:

  • Choose colors that make you smile. Whether it’s the colors of the walls or the furniture, it should feel like you.
  • With everything being electronic, we only see pictures on our phones these days. Print and frame some of your favorites so that you have great memories all around you.
  • Consider your lighting. If you like things bright, you’ll want lighter colored curtains to let in natural light, if you like it dark, the reverse. Lamps and overhead lighting can give you the look you love.
  • Set your personality loose. If you have a fun hobby or quiet obsession, express it here in your safe space.
  • Keeping things tidy can be tough for anyone, so make life easier with cool baskets to store extra pillows, blankets toys or games.
  • Take your time finding those special pieces. You don’t have to fill every area right away. It’s nice to search for treasures to add your home over time.
  • Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be the highlight of your room. All that matters is that you love it. Frame a print or tapestry or kids art that you cherish and hang it with pride.

No matter your style, make your home an expression of who you are and what you love! Explore more England Furniture pieces today!