Twin Sleeper Sofa | Four Reasons You Need a Twin Sleeper Sofa

Twin Sleeper Sofa

Need a place for your guests to sleep but you don’t have a whole lot of space? For apartment renters who welcome friends and family overnight often, a twin sleeper sofa can be just the thing they need. Here are a few reasons you should get a twin sleeper sofa:

The Right Size

A twin sleeper sofa takes up a smaller amount of space than a full or queen sleeper sofa, so it’s also great for that small nook in your house or apartment. For a guest staying the night, you want to offer them a warm, safe place to rest their head. Without the space for a larger sleeper sofa, an air mattress also won’t cut it. A twin sleeper sofa is often the perfect size for someone living in a studio apartment.

Comfortable As A Chair And A Half

Because of how wide a twin sleeper sofa is, this piece of furniture feels more like a chair and a half. Cuddle up with a soft blanket and a great book, and you’ll have this sofa all to yourself. Or, if you want room to cozy up to your pet, this chair is the perfect size for that as well.

Kid’s Sleepovers

This size sleeper sofa is especially helpful for your child’s sleepovers. Once it’s lights out, both kids can sleep tight on comfortable mattresses. This slimmer sleeper sofa can fit right in your child’s room and double as the sofa where you two can read goodnight stories before bedtime.

Makeshift Chaise Lounge

If you want the comfort of a chaise lounge, but don’t have the budget or space for one, a twin sleeper sofa can fold out to provide you with the comfiest spot in the house to binge your favorite shows on. If you like to do work on your computer, you can sit cross-legged or stretch out your legs on the folded-out mattress as well.

The Seabury Twin Sleeper (pictured) by England Furniture provides all the comfort and convenience you could ever want in a twin sleeper sofa. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can have the twin sleeper sofa of your dreams.

Width 54″
Depth 37″
Height 35″
Seat Width 38″
Seat Depth 21″
Seat Height 21″

England Furniture Smyrna Twin Sleeper

The 300 Series, style 300-07, Smyrna, is a contemporary stand-alone sofa sleeper in three stylish sizes. The twin has a two over one seat cushion configuration, matching welt, and a clean front rail. The modified half-moon arms are slightly flared. A five year mattress and mechanism Warranty assure dependability.

The England Furniture Living Room Twin Sleeper is available from a retailer near you.

  • Width: 53″
  • Height: 35″
  • Depth: 38″