The England Furniture J177 Table Set

The England Furniture J177 Table Set features Samuelson espresso finish on all 3 pieces. Available in 3 different sizes, it will be easy to add a modern look to any room with a table from the J177 collection.

England Furniture

3 thoughts on “The England Furniture J177 Table Set

  1. Brenda Fiorini says:

    I recently purchased the J177 table set. I already need to replace the table top to the largest of the 3 pieces. Please advise if you are able to help in this matter.

    Brenda Fiorini

    • admin says:

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your tables. Please contact us through our main website, linked here: . You can contact directly through the form, or there is also an email address and phone number. Thanks!

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