England Furniture Company and Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is known for including different varieties of sophisticated and practical modern furniture. Contemporary furniture design is recognized by the total absence of any ornate designs, carvings or design work on the furniture.  Some people consider contemporary furniture as synonymous with modern furniture.

Contemporary furniture became popular in the twentieth century. This style of furniture design blends materials like steel, chrome and glass along with traditional wood – often used as the base material for the furniture pieces. Contemporary design is simplistic and practical. It tends to lack the glamour of the Victorian era and the design elements associated with contemporary furniture are almost the exact opposite to those present in the original Victorian styles. The contemporary design of furniture originated from Scandinavia and was also popularized by the Danish.

The most significant attribute of contemporary furniture is the need to be unique and modern while maintaining a sense of comfortableness. Contemporary design draws strength from the basic ideology that furniture has the ability to influence the environments that it is placed in.  This often means that these types of furniture pieces tend to complement – and even draw symmetry from – the locale, design and spaces that it is housed in.

Some common attributes of contemporary furniture design are:
• Smooth, clean edges with no ornate cuts or designs.
• Asymmetrical appeal – The shape, cut, layout, assembly or furnishings will bring an asymmetrical finish to contemporary furniture. This differentiates it from the modern furniture which tends to only use new age materials and fabrics in the design.
• Furnishings and feel – The furnishings tend to be sans designs, motifs or pattern. The colors are largely neutral (blacks, whites and tans).  These colors contribute to the environment and are also accented by colors of accessories, lights and other linen. The feel of the furniture will sometimes blend wood with leather, glass, chrome, steel or even stone.

Contemporary England Furniture is easy to mix and match.  They are understated pieces that emphasize a comfortable and clean style, but not necessarily on detailing and color. Blending contemporary England Furniture design into older rooms can bring about a nice, different retro effect while also creating an entirely modern living space.

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