England Furniture Explores Modern Furniture

A common misconception of many people is the notion that “modern” means “in one’s own current time.”   These individuals who tend to believe that modern furniture has to be brand new. Some would even suggest that modern furniture has to be styled in a sleek, futuristic way to reflect the ever-changing times.  By this definition of “modern furniture,” any furniture that looks ahead of its’ time could be considered modern.   Most furniture design enthusiasts interpret the term “modern furniture” differently.  According to these furniture aficionados “modern furniture” actually references back to a school of design known simply as “modernism.”

The Modernism movement began with designers who wanted to emphasize function over form.   Their leading question is “what works?” over “what looks good.”   This movement eventually evolved to consider both function and form and modernists often now seek a form of functional modern art.

Pieces of furniture that are done in this modernism style tend to use a wide variety of different materials. Metal and plastic are popular options because they create sleek, clean lines and can be molded into almost any shape.  Modern furniture, however, is by no means limited to these two materials.  They can include a wide array of raw materials including different types of wood-based materials and different styles of coverings/fabrics.

England Furniture has a considerable collection of modern and contemporary pieces.  These modern England Furniture items can make an easy addition to any room in your home. Manufactured in state of Tennessee, England Furniture provides its’ audiences with simple, clean styles and a wide variety of custom fabric/pattern options to consider.

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